Who Should Travel to Madagascar

For some, Madagascar is the ultimate dream destination while for others it’s an exotic and practically unheard of locale that merely piques their interest. They may find themselves wondering who exactly Madagascar is for. In this case, travellers will go to their agents requesting information and advice about whether the country is the right destination for them and their specific needs. Because of its incredible diversity and uniqueness, they may actually find that it can tick the boxes for a whole range of travellers from families to solo travellers, as well as couples. We’ve looked at these distinct travellers’ requirements and elaborated exactly why you should travel to this island nation!

Perfect for couples

  • Great for couples on honeymoon looking for that romantic beach getaway.
  • Excellent for couples who like to be active together – kayaking, hiking, and scuba diving are all on the menu.
  • Accommodation ranges from barefoot luxury at affordable prices to private beach villas that are the ultimate in luxury – all perfect for romance.
  • Madagascar is truly an amazing destination, with its unique customs, diverse landscapes, and extraordinary wildlife – the perfect place to explore with your partner.
  • If the trip goes well, why not return for a unique destination wedding? Celebrate your love, barefoot on the beach with whales breaching in the background.


 Great for families

  • Madagascar wildlife is unique and must-see, and has the added benefit of being nonpoisonous and non-life threatening, so parents can stress that little bit less about the safety of their children
  • It’s an excellent opportunity for children to learn about biodiversity, conservation and how species evolve.
  • If your kids have seen the animated film Madagascar then they’ll be thrilled to meet the real-life version of King Louie.
  • Wildlife experiences are mostly on foot which can be more interactive for children as well as cutting down on time in vehicles.
  • There are wonderful beaches where parents can relax and children can spend the day building sandcastles or swimming.

Easy for solo travellers

  • Solo travellers that might be worried about their safety, should know that Madagascar is a safe country and tourist areas especially are non-threatening.
  • Malagasy people are very friendly and curious about visitors to their country so don’t be surprised if they invite you into their home for some tea.
  • Solo travellers that are also adventurous will be absolutely spoiled for choice, with fascinating landscapes and thrilling adventure activities that abound.

Who should go to Madagascar

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