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January 2019

Madagascar court declares Rajoelina as the election winner
Magma shift’ may have caused mysterious seismic wave event

October 2018

A new perspective on how lemurs got to Madagascar
Logging, human activity threatens Madagascar’s rare biodiversity

August 2018

Madagascar president, former presidents to run in Nov 7 vote
Air Austral, Air Madagascar & Kenya Airways join forces

June 2018
Climate change is wiping out the baobab, Africas “tree of life”
Fostering leadership skills among young women in Madagascar
Madagascar receives $40m from World Bank to improve electricity sector

May 2018
In Madagascar, fishermen plant mangroves for the future
Madagascar President Lifts Restrictions on Opposition Candidates
Over 10 000 endangered tortoises are rescued in Madagascar
Rainbow Chameleons Display True Colors When Courting

April 2018
Ethiopian Airlines launches three new flights to DRC and Madagascar
Scientists Discover New Ocean Current Off Madagascar
Researchers Discover Three New, Highly Threatened Chameleon Species in Madagascar

February 2018
Ethiopian Airlines launches new Madagascar flight
Best Trips 2018
Madagascar financial inclusion project aided by World Bank
Banham Zoo helps rare blue-eyed black lemurs

January 2018
Major upgrades for Madagascar airports.
The most exotic destinations in Africa
Travel Tip: Cruise lines expand to more ports around the world

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