Why travel in Madagascar is half the fun

If you were asked to describe an island paradise, we’re pretty sure that all of the words you chose to use could likewise be used to explain Madagascar. The Indian Ocean’s island is home to lemurs, baobabs, tropical rainforest, stretches of beach and desert. Madagascar is a dream destination for nature and outdoors lovers. But half of the fun of the island – is the actual journey from one incredible attraction to the next.

Home to 5% of the world’s animals and plant species, the island of Madagascar offers visitors a wonderfully diverse little world to explore. The fauna and flora are complemented by landscapes of an incredible diversity – 300 km can take you from the depths of a rainforest to the barren lands of a desert in one, single day.

Copy of Road to Lavanono

As if this kaleidoscope of nature isn’t enticing enough, the various means of travel around the island makes the experience more worthwhile. If you want to enjoy the power of nature – why take a road? The off-road experience is far more rewarding, offering people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the most out of Madagascar. Some of the National Parks on the island see only 100 visitors a year giving you a sense of adventure as you make your way through them. And to drive home that sense of discovery is the fun you can have travelling by kayak to some of the most secluded and secret spots of the island.

Ship Wreck

With 5000 km of coastline, 250 surrounding islands and 450 km of the barrier reef, there is ample opportunity to lose track of time on the shores of Madagascar. Paddling in a kayak, you’ll be able to explore the south-east archipelago off the island, which is rich with lush mangroves and secluded open lakes. Witness the beauty of tropical beaches that run parallel to your kayak and smile as the wild lemurs frolicking in the treetops around you.


Whatever Madagascar means to you – even if you aren’t quite sure yet what it will mean – it’s an adventure that’s well worth it. Spend some of your free time on dives to see shipwrecks who are only visited by rays, whale sharks and reef sharks who call this stretch of water their home. Or lie in a hammock and watch the sun go down after a day spent exploring nearby islands or on a pirogue trip with a local fisherman. However you choose to spend your days or choose to get around, there’s one thing that’s certain – once you’ve gone to Madagascar you will want to go come back again and again.

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