Responsible Travel in Madagascar

Here are tips to help you be a responsible traveller:

  1. Please do not hand out sweets, pens, money, etc. at random.  This not only encourages begging and aggression from children, but also promotes expectancy. If you want to make a positive change during your holiday, ask us to incorporate a visit to a school during your trip, or to arrange your donations to go to a school or hospital from your hotel. 
  2. Purchase handcrafted arts and crafts from the makers in their villages, if you can, rather than from a large craft shop in town. 
  3. Spread your shopping over various stalls, so that your money benefits many families rather than one. 
  4. Remove all excess packaging before you arrive. Recycling and responsible waste disposal is difficult in remote places. 
  5. Buy local produce rather than imported goods. 
  6. Do not buy products made from endangered species, hard woods or ancient artefacts. 
  7. Use fresh water sparingly – it is very precious. 
  8. Do not pick flora, remove seashells, or disturb wildlife. 
  9. Learn basic phrases from the local language like “please”, “thank you”, and “can you help me?”  Travelling with respect earns you respect. 
  10. Bargain fairly and respectfully with every market seller. Be aware of the economic realities of where you are. Haggling is the norm in many cultures, but don’t feel upset that as a visitor who potentially earns 100 times a local’s salary, you are expected to pay slightly more than the local price.

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