Western Madagascar

Western Madagascar extends from Mahajanga to Morondava and is a relatively remote region with dry weather. The west part of Madagascar is a relatively undiscovered and unexplored area and offers history, unique scenic formations and special endemic wildlife. If you are looking for a truly different Madagascar vacation and want to experience something very extraordinary then the remote western part of Madagascar is the place to go…

The tropical forests in western Madagascar are home to a large variety of endemic plant and animal species and are great for hiking and exploring making it a great option for an adventurous Madagascar vacation. The Ampijoroa Forest Station in this region is one of the top wildlife “hotspots” in Madagascar, and you will find a number of species of animal there, many endemic to the area. Many travellers love the western part of Madagascar as it’s raw, natural and can offer a really unusual and unsurpassed Madagascar experience… no other areas in Madagascar can offer anything similar to the secret pleasure of this region.

Western Madagascar has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere; spend your Madagascar vacation cruising down the Tsirbihina River, enjoying the wildlife, relaxing on the beaches around Belo-sur and Morondava or visiting the villages to gain insight into the area’s history.

In Morondava you will find giant baobabs in Baobab Alley, and Village Touristique les Bougainvilliers is certainly worth paying a visit to.

Imagine spending your Madagascar vacation hiking through limestone formations and discovering hidden caves… if this is what you have dreamt of then we highly recommend Tsingy as a holiday destination. The Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve offers spectacular scenery and is classified as a World Heritage Site. The caverns, caves and peaks in this reserve are excellent for hiking and exploring, as well.

There are some noteworthy places to see in the vicinity of the Kirindy (Swiss forest), one of which is the colourful tombs of migrant Antandroy people who moved down from the south. In the Ampijoroa Reserve you can visit the intriguing tortoise-breeding centre, and in Mahajunga, “the place of red rocks”, you will find one of Madagascar’s largest rivers, the Betsiboka. Mahajanga has the second largest port in Madagascar and is also a major mango-producing region.

There is plenty to do, see and explore in the western part of Madagascar. This region is not as popular as the other areas for a Madagascar vacation, but if you are willing to try something different then you really should travel there…

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