Southern Madagascar

Southern Madagascar is a region rich in culture and topography, making it a unique and extraordinary place to visit for a Madagascar vacation. This part of the country is home to tribal groups – and boasts canyon-like terrain to the south-west and rocky land with greenery to the south-east. Picturesque is probably the best word to describe a visit to the south of Madagascar!

Why is the south of Madagascar so appealing?

It is the wildest and driest part of the Madagascar Island – with the most unusual vegetation from the baobab trees, the carnivorous pitcher plant, and three-cornered palm to the famous spiny forest. As you move from area to area on your Madagascar vacation, the scenery changes completely and is more exotic than you can ever imagine. Pieces of shells from the extinct elephant bird may also be found on this part of the island (however, keep in mind, it’s illegal to remove these).

What do Madagascar’s southern inland areas have to offer?

The southern inland areas are great for an adventurous vacation: go mountain biking, hiking or exploring the canyon country of the Isalo National Park. If you love breath-taking scenery but also want a bit of adventure then this is the place to visit on your Madagascar vacation. Or spend some time swimming or camping at L’Oasis – a lovely natural swimming hole situated about 10 km south-west of Ranohira.

What do Madagascar’s coastlines have to offer?

Relax on the white beaches of Ifaty or enjoy diving the amazing reefs offshore. The south, like the other regions of Madagascar, also provides great beaches for your Madagascar beach holiday in the warmer months. In winter (June – August) you can see humpback whales. Bird watchers will be pleased to find the rare southern Madagascar endemics such as the subdesert mesite, the long-tailed roller and La Fresnaye’s vanga here. The south of Madagascar holds a lot of hidden treasures and is relatively undiscovered. From beaches to beautiful wildlife and endemic plants – there is something for everyone to enjoy on a Madagascar vacation!

Anakao and Nosy Ve are small villages about 22 km south of St Augustin Bay. Swimming, snorkelling, surfing, diving and kite surfing can be enjoyed here, and the area is also the breeding ground for colonies of red-tailed tropic birds.

Any other highlights?

In Fort Dauphin (Taolagnaro) and Berentry Reserve you will discover a wide combination of lemurs, spiny desert and beaches. Fort Dauphin is also the “lobster capital” of Madagascar. Isalo National Park is home to some rare wildlife, as well as spectacular scenery and hiking trails.

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