Remote Islands

Madagascar is itself an island but is also fringed by smaller remote islands. Islands are perfect for relaxing after adventuring through rainforests or mountain biking.

Nosy Be

The most famous – and busiest – island north-west from the shores of Madagascar is Nosy Be. As the most developed island, Nosy Be means “big island” and offers great hotel accommodation. It is home to volcanic lakes, rum distilleries and the Lokobe Nature Special Reserve.
Although you can quiet corners on Nosy Be, sleepier islands are more popular with visitors who are looking for a remote location. Nosy Boraha, on the east coast, and Nosy Komba off northern Madagascar or the private islands of Tsarabanjina and Nosy Iranja are such examples.

Nosy Boraha

Nosy Boraha, formerly known as Ile Sainte Marie, is lined with hotels and resorts and the south while its biggest town, Ambodifotatra, is on the western coast. South of here, Île aux Nattes provides a paradise picture-perfect postcard setting. It’s perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. Imagine it as the perfect setting for a pirate with a treasure chest. The upper part of Nosy Boraha is quite wild – and perfect for exploring by foot or buggy.

Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba is a volcanic island between Nosy Be and the main island – off the north-western tip of Madagasca. It’s quite a popular destination for its sheer beauty, black lemurs and as it’s known as the ‘island of perfumes’. Explore the clean, private beaches and the primal forest with magnificent plant species.


The tiny island of Tsarabanjina is north-west of Madagascar – it’s a tiny island and great for honeymooners. Bungalows, three beaches and pristine blue beaches make this the perfect remote location for the perfect holiday filled with water activities. It’s located 1.5 hours by boat from Nosy Be.

Nosy Iranja

Situated about 90 minutes speedboat ride from Nosy Be, Nosy Iranja consists of two islands that are connected by a 1500 m sandbank that is exposed during low tide. The stroll along the sanbank is an unforgettable experience – especially as it’s possible to take the odd dip along the way. Nosy Iranja Be is the northern, bigger island and home to a beautiful lighthouse designed by Gustav Eiffel and is also home to local fishermen and their families.

Flights leave from Antananarivo to Ile Sainte Marie and Nosy Be on a regular basis. Boats reach the islands of Nosy Komba, Tsarabanjina and Nosy Iranja. When on the islands, days can be spent diving, snorkelling, strolling through nature or just lying on the beach.

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