Northern Madagascar Region

Northern Madagascar

The Northern part of Madagascar is well-known for its diversity of landscapes, vegetation and even weather; the climate is agreeable with distinct wet and dry seasons. The island is comprised of six provinces and is the world’s fourth largest island. The Northern part of Madagascar is known as ‘tropical north’ as it boasts pleasant weather, stunning scenery and a truly tropical feel – everything you would expect from a tropical vacation destination.

From snorkelling to exploring the national parks, the North of Madagascar is the place to go… You may have heard of the popular holiday destination called Nosy Be – beautiful beaches and warm tropical waters, Nosy Be is by far one of the most popular Madagascar vacation destinations and is located in this part of Madagascar.

The northern part of Madagascar is one of the country’s most multi-ethnic regions – the large Muslim community, descendants of African slaves, Indian traders, Arabic sailors and French all form part of the community, together with the local Antakarana.

A visit to northern Madagascar is rewarding no matter what it is you are looking for. From snorkelling and guided walks to bird watching and observing the lemurs, (see our lemur package), chameleons and snakes; nature lovers and holiday makers will find northern Madagascar a jewel and the perfect option for their Madagascar holiday.

There are the lakes and waterfalls of the Montagne d’Ambre (Amber Mountain National Park) forest, and the Tsingy (limestone formations) and grottos in Ankarana. For those who prefer to unwind during their Madagascar holiday, there are plentiful places in northern Madagascar where one can simply sit and enjoy nature.

The Amber Mountain National Park is one of Madagascar’s premier hiking destinations, and represents an isolated block of montane rainforest that is not part of the celebrated “Madagascar Sylva” (Madagascar’s rainforest belt). Crater lakes are also found in this region, as a result of volcanic activity. Nature lovers and historic enthusiasts will love this place as their Madagascar holiday option – from quiet beauty to one-of-a-kind natural areas there is something for everyone.

The seaport Antseranana is found at the most northern point of the island, and crocodiles are plentiful in this area.

The ultimate island getaway: the north boasts over 30 islands in the Nosy Be and nearby Nosy Mitsio archipelagos. Nosy Be is probably Madagascar’s most popular tourist destination because of its spectacular diving, boat charters, fishing, island-hopping and tame lemurs. If you are looking for a stereo-typical Madagascar holiday then Nosy Be is the place to go – you can relax on stunning beaches and even enjoy daytrips to see lemurs after snorkelling in the warm waters… which are the most popular holiday activities in Madagascar.

Explore the network of caves and underground rivers in the Ankarana Special Reserve, about 108 km south of Antsiranana – you may even find crocodiles in some of these rivers. This nature reserve is also known for its tsingy and dry forests.

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