Eastern Madagascar Region

Eastern Madagascar

Of all the regions in Madagascar, Eastern Madagascar is probably the most popular for first-time visitors. With its spectacular rainforests, beaches and waterways, this former pirate hideout offers a relaxed ambience and more than enough to keep you occupied during your Madagascar holiday. For travellers wishing to experience a Madagascar vacation with lemur sightings, tropical snorkelling and stunning beach accommodation then the eastern part of Madagascar is the place to go….

One exceptionally popular attraction in eastern Madagascar is the Andasibe National Park. This national park is the best place to spot the Indri (the largest of all lemur species) and hear its eerie wail. Most people have heard about the lemurs and there are many national parks in Madagascar that you can see lemurs but there is only one place where you can see the Indri… and if you want to see the biggest lemur or a great variety of lemurs on your Madagascar vacation then you have to go to the eastern part of Madagascar, nothing can beat it! Then there is also Masoala National Park with its magnificent rainforest and hiking trails.

For the soothing sound of the ocean, sun, sand and fun, Ile Sainte Marie is perfect. This is one of the most well-liked holiday venues of Madagascar, possibly due to its extremely laid-back vibe. For those of you that haven’t heard of the Ile Sainte Marie, it is the place to go if you have been dreaming of the perfect Madagascar beach holiday … with white sandy beaches, blue warm waters and a typical paradise atmosphere – it becomes a very popular tropical holiday destination!

Canal Des Pangalanes connects a series of lakes and rivers that run along the eastern shore of Madagascar. Along the banks of the canal you can see the vanilla plants that Madagascar is famous for, as well as cinnamon and coconut trees.

For those interested in Malagasy culture, the Museum of Toamasina contains cooking and hunting implements, as well as traditional musical instruments and other items. This is a great daytrip if you are on a Madagascar vacation package…

Every year between July and September hundreds of humpback whales swim past Taolagnaro and Ile Sainte Marie, en route to the warmer waters of Baie d’Antongil… This is the most amazing sight to see and something you have to witness if you are on a Madagascar vacation around that time.

If you have never been to Madagascar then we highly recommend travelling to the Eastern part of Madagascar… it’s the perfect option for your first holiday to Madagascar!

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