Mananara Nord National Reserve

Mananara Nord National Reserve

Madagascar is truly an attractive holiday destination boasting hidden gems like Mananara Nord National Reserve. Interestingly, Madagascar has an extremely rich biodiversity with more than 85 percent of its species being endemic. The island’s terrestrial environments are distinct with blend of wild-eyed lemurs, serrated limestone formations and the world’s greatest collection of baobab trees and colourful coral reefs.

The Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve is situated on the north-east coast of Madagascar conveniently located in proximity to many other Madagascar highlights. Mananara Nord is located 250 km north of Tamatave and spreads over 144,000 hectares – 23,000 of terrestrial park and 1,000 hectares of marine habitat. The fascinating ecosystems in the Mananara-Nord Biosphere Reserve include tropical humid forest, sandy coastal plains with littoral vegetation, river vegetation, mangrove formations, marshlands, and coral reefs. With such diverse highlights, you can be assured that a Madagascar holiday to Mananara Nord will be an unforgettable experience.

Untouched and secluded –  this makes Mananara Nord a lovely paradise. The vegetation is a blend of tropical forests, mangroves, marshlands and littoral and river plants. The marine section is formed by several small islands and coral reefs. The marine reserve comprises of magnificent coral reefs with 132 different coral species. Madagascar National Parks reports over 100 species of marine invertebrates, nearly 200 types of fish, more than 100 molluscs and echinoderms. Humpback whales play in the waters between July and September, and at times a rare dugong can be spotted.

Mananara Nord shelters a remarkable variety of fauna. Small mammals are especially well represented: 17 rodents and 13 lemur species live in these humid forests, such as aye-aye, eastern woolly lemur, brown mouse lemur and the biggest of all lemurs, the indri indri. The indri in this reserve are much darker than the other groups living further south, making spotting them a little bit easier and extremely fascinating.

Mananara Nord is also home to 77 bird species: including Red-tailed Vanga, helmet Vanga and Madagascar kestrel, as well as 21 reptiles and 8 amphibian species. The flora in Mananara Nord is also exceptionally diverse, as more than 1200 different plants have been recorded. Palm trees (47 species) and tropical flowers including some local endemic orchids are representative of this magnificent forest.

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