Lokobe Integral Reserve

Lokobe Integral Reserve

Would you like to spot the black lemur? Then get off the beaten track and visit Lokobe Reserve where you can observe these shy creatures in the wild. The black lemur is not common in Madagascar, and so catching a glimpse of this lemur can be an exciting experience.

Lokobe Integral Reserve is situated on the south-east side of Nosy Be Island on the north-western side of Madagascar. It is the only protected area of the island and is not only known for its endangered black lemur but also for the beautiful Panther Chameleon. Lokobe Integral Reserve covers about 720 hectares of the last remaining Sambirano forest habitat of Nosy. It’s home to lemurs, birds, snakes and many other hidden creatures.

Unlike anywhere else in the world – the Sambirano forest in Lokobe is a truly magical and fascinating area. It’s home to an array of rare animals, endemic plants and the visit can be combined with a beach or adventure holiday. The humid evergreen forests are the natural habitat for the endangered black lemur, and the reserve’s pleasant temperature will make you feel at home at Lokobe!

In addition to the black lemur, there are other nocturnal species in Lokobe, such as the grey-backed sportive lemur and several mouse lemurs. Birds, such as the Madagascar pygmy kingfisher and the Madagascar long-eared owl, as well as local frogs and snakes also live here. Lokobe Reserve is also one of the best places to see Madagascar’s unique array of flora and fauna.

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