Kirindy Reserve

Kirindy Reserve

A gateway to the reserve on Madagascar’s west coast, Kirindy Reserve is just north of Morondava. Kirindy is the land of dry deciduous forests – the world’s most endangered ecosystem – where giant baobabs impress with their towering poise. Kirindy Reserve is a privately managed forest. It’s home to seven species of lemur including the pygmy mouse lemur, giant jumping rat, six nocturnal lemur species, many reptile and amphibian species.

The best time to visit Kirindy Reserve is undoubtedly the rainy season. Whilst Kirindy experiences extreme seasonal changes, the short and hot rainy season between December and February is usually followed by a surge of activity as it explodes with green vegetation. Frogs leap through rain puddles and trees are filled with birdsong. But it is also the most popular time for safari groups, passing through on a regular basis en route to elsewhere, which can disturb the peace if you’ve selected to holiday here for a few days.

Interestingly, Kirindy is run by a Swiss company for commercial logging. Whilst this might sound controversial, the company carefully removes economically valuable trees without disturbing wildlife only to plant saplings of the same species. Night hikes are a highlight of a Kirindy holiday and evening skies are filled with a chorus of insects, lemur and cicadas calls.

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