Kirindy Mitea

Kirindy Mitea

Not to be confused with the private forest reserve of Kirindy fairly close by, Kirindy Mitea (sometimes written as Kirindy-Mitea) is a national park right in the heart of the ancient kingdom of Menabe. It is virtually on the border of the western and southern ecosystems of Madagascar. Kirindy Mitea is roughly 50 km from Morondava, north of the Avenue of Baobabs. It is home to one of the largest continuous tracts of dry forest on the island and is home to the greatest density of primates in the world.

Discover up to eight species of lemur including the world’s smallest primate, the little pygmy mouse lemur, and 23 species of mammals including the fossa, the lemur’s major predator. Around 90 species of butterfly should keep visitors on holiday fairly entranced, and the many endangered birds, reptiles and the spear-nosed snake add up to a fairly long list of sights and sounds in the park.

Kirindy Mitea is the only place in Madagascar where large areas of dry forest are actually regenerating due to its remote location. It lies 100 km from the nearest paved road and is virtually only accessible by a truck during the dry season (for the rest of the year access into Kirindy Mitea is by foot, ox cart or boat from Morondava). Visit this beautiful national park on any leg of your safari to discover a particularly eco-sensitive transition zone for three ecosystems – spiny desert, dry forest and mangroves.

Close by, the pretty fishing villages of Belo-sur-Mer and Ankevo-sur-Mer provide scenic relaxing holiday options.

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