Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve

Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve

The Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve is a nature reserve situated in south-western Madagascar, established as a Special Government Reserve in 1986. Beza Mahafaly is located 17 km from Betioky, on the Mahafaly plateau, and lies in a large valley with flat lowlands, gentle slopes, and sandy soil. It is absolutely striking. Beza Mahafaly contains the most amazing hidden treasures: playful lemurs, a spiny forest, Nile crocodiles, slithering snakes and much more. Visit this Madagascar National Park on your holiday for a truly amazing experience.

The Beza Mahafaly Reserve is divided into two non-contiguous habitats – a dry forest and a riverine forest. The dry forest consists of about 100 ha of mixed vegetation in a fenced gallery forest just west of Sakamena River, which flows along the reserve’s boundary. During the dry season, the riverbed is completely arid. With heavy rains from January to April, the river can flood inundating the surrounding flood plain. Massive tamarind trees and other endemic legume trees magnificently dominate the gallery forest. The riverine forest is the Beza Mahafaly Reserve that is about 520 ha in size. It is dominated by xerophytic forest, which are plants adapted to weather. Many endemic species, characteristic of the arid spiny forest grow here and have adapted to its long dry seasons. Whichever forest you decide to visit, if not both, you are sure to see the most amazing Madagascar sights with the most interesting array of animal & plant life!

Each part of the Beza Mahafaly Reserve has its own endemic plants and animals unique to this area of Madagascar. Lemurs are a particular attraction and there are five species of lemurs in the reserve. Other animals include 4 species of tenrecs, 12 species of snakes, 2 species of tortoises, 17 species of saurians, and in season, the Nile crocodile. There are also over a hundred different species of birds in the reserve. If you are looking for unique animals and something different then the Beza Mahafaly is definitely the place to go.

Beza Mahafaly – a region of dry forest habitats in southern Madagascar – offers unique flora and fauna, and provides training and research opportunities. It also comprises part of an integrated conservation and development project, involving the participation of local communities surrounding the reserve. Several development projects have been established in villages including construction of schools, erection of wells, technical and financial support for local community associations. Your visit to the reserve on your Madagascar holiday will help support this project resulting in an exciting and rewarding time!

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