Berenty Reservat

Berenty Reserve

Discover a world where ancient tamarind trees form an overhead canopy in the semi-arid, surreal and spiny forest area. Discover ringtail lemurs, who are easy to spot in the dry open scrub, which surrounds the forest, or watch the verreaux sifakas dance through the trees. Welcome to Berenty Reserve – a private wildlife reserve roughly 85 km west of Fort Dauphin. It is a popular site for many field studies on lemurs and is the highlight of any safari.

Berenty Reserve is one of Madagascar’s better known wildlife reserves because of the easy access to six types of lemur. Layered octopus trees (Didierear trollii) and solitary baobabs make stunning holiday photograph material, and chameleons, white-browed owls and giant coua birds make bird spotting interesting even for beleaguered bird fans.

Berenty, on the banks of the Mandrare River west of the Ranopis Mountains, is a relatively small 250 hectares reserve. Predominantly made up of a spiny forest, the area close to the river with tamarind gallery woodland is especially beautiful. The only unfortunate aspect are the fields of alien plants sisal that surround Berenty but even they have their own beauty.

The best time of year to holiday in Berenty are the months of February and March. Known as the season of abundance, this is when ringtails wean their young and is close to the end of summer. Berenty is lovely throughout the year and a vacationat any time will not disappoint. But it is a highly popular stop, and you will need to book well in advance. Either join the Jenman Safaris 4WD to the Deep South tour that runs through Berenty, or we can make sure that this highlight is part of any tailor-made safari.

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