Andringitra National Park

Andringitra National Park

Lying against the backdrop of the imposing Andringitra mountain range, a granite outcrop of ancient Precambrian rock, Andringitra National Park is one of the most bio-diverse and beautiful parks on the island in southern Madagascar.

Managed by WWF since 1993, the park lies in south-central Madagascar only 47 kilometres south of Ambalavao. What sets Andringitra apart is, not only the incredible distinction between three ecozones – low altitude rainforest, montane mountain forest and high altitude vegetation – that make up the national park, but the access to hiking, trekking, climbing and panoramic views from mountain tops.

Towering mountains, deep valleys and ridges provide incredible scenery and tell a very different tale from the fashionable picture of Madagascar as a place of beaches and rainforests. Andringitra is predominantly mountain landscape and provides a series of incredible hiking trails, ranging from 6km to 28km, in amongst the peaks and pleated escarpment. We’re not talking little peaks either. The series of rocky chains vary in altitude from 500 m to 2650m that includes the Pic d’Imarivolanitra, formerly known as Peak Boby, the second-highest and most accessible peak in Madagascar.

It comes as no surprise to be prepared for all types of weather when on vacation here. The eastern lowland parts of Andringitra give rise to humid tropical weather whilst the mountains can provide extreme temperatures that descend to -8˚ C. A holiday stopover in Andringitra provides access to over 30 species of orchid, 13 species of lemur, 106 bird species and 25 different types of mammal. A tailor-made safari should, at all costs, include the beauty of the park.

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