Tailor-Made Travel in Madagascar

Madagascar is a unique beach and island vacation destination off the African coast and with its ecosystem diversity, cultural richness and natural heritage – it’s the ideal destination for tailor-made travel.

One of our experienced travel consultants can customise a private vacation to meet your departure date, time period, group size and budget. You are also welcome to join one of our scheduled tours.

Jenman Island Safaris specialises in individual or group holidays and will gladly design tailor-made tours for your specific preferences. This is especially applicable in Madagascar where eco-tourism and the natural beauty of the island, due to its geographic isolation, lends itself to tailor-made adventure holidays. We will organise all your logistics while you’re in Madagascar – from accommodation, ground transfers, air charters on the island, as well as international flights to and from Madagascar and, of course, all your activities e.g. surfing, lemur-spotting, whale-watching etc.

Types of Tailor-Made and Customised Travel

There are many different types of tours that you may be interested in doing while in Madagascar. Guided tours, where you have a guide accompany you throughout the trip, are one of the most popular ways of travel. You can choose from the many different types of tours that we run.

Jenman Island Safaris has a long history of tailor-making individual preference vacations.

Examples of tours that we have run in the past:

  • Solar Eclipse Tours
  • Birding
  • Geographical
  • Hiking
  • Archaeological
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Exploratory Expeditions
  • Diving Safaris
  • Surfing and Kite Surfing Safaris (‘Surfaris’)
  • Honeymoon Packages

Best time to Travel

Before considering a tailor-made package, bear in mind that Madagascar has very specific seasons that impact when and where you should travel. With the monsoon season from December through to March, the best time to travel to Madagascar is generally February to December.

Madagascar has two seasons: a hot, rainy season from November to April, and a dry, cooler season from May to October. There is, however, great variation in climate owing to elevation and position relative to dominant winds. The east coast has a subequatorial climate and, being most directly exposed to the trade winds, has the heaviest rainfall averaging as much as 3.5 metres annually. Because rain clouds discharge much of their moisture east of the highest elevations on the island, the central highlands are appreciably drier and, owing to the altitude, also cooler. The dry season in the highlands is pleasant and sunny, although somewhat chilly, especially in the mornings. During this time, blue skies of the central highlands are considered by many to be the most beautiful and clearest in the world. The west coast is drier than either the east coast or the central highlands because the trade winds lose their humidity by the time they reach this region. The south-west and the extreme south are semi-desert; as little as one-third of a metre of rain falls annually at Toliara (Tulear). Read more about Madagascar weather.

We offer a personal service to all clients that includes planning of tours, advice as to where to go and reservations of lodges and land transport.

Contact us for further information or to help you plan your ultimate island getaway.

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