Kitesurfing (Kiteboarding) Madagascar

Kitesurfing is fast becoming a popular activity in Madagascar because of the perfect climate and sea conditions around the far north, south and south-west, especially during the winter months from May to October. During winter, with temperatures of about 27°C during the day and about 15°C at night. The water, however, is a little warmer with about 24°C. It’s also the season for humpback whales to leave the Antarctica and migrate to Madagascar to calf. They pass by Mangily-Ifaty, right off the coral reef.

There are only two official kitesurfing schools located in Madagascar: one is based at Sakalava Bay and the other near Ifaty. These schools provide good basic training as well as hiring equipment, although it is highly recommended to bring your own gear.

Most of the popular spots are situated south of Tulear from Androka to Fort Dauphin on the west coast. Along this entire stretch of coastline, you find outer reefs with passes that pick up the predominant SW swell. The only problem is getting from spot to spot as overland travel is challenging with little road infrastructure. Kiters are also venturing into surfing terrain with raids along the Vezo reef – especially at the infamous Flameballs. It’s a perfect place for kiters: the predominant trade wind blows from the left and is cross-off on the face so you can rip top to bottom on the glassiest wave ever – even in 30 knots+. The wave is breaks so consistently that you quickly pick up courage to push harder and later on every wave.

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