Kayaking and Canoeing in Madagascar

Our Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Kayak Adventure allows you to go kayaking and canoeing to explore the secret spots of Madagascar’s south east archipelago. Kayak through lush mangroves and secluded open lakes of the Sainte Luce Nature Reserve, which runs parallel to the beautiful and tropical beaches found in this region. Kayaking allows you to explore the beauty of the mangroves, flora and fauna, wild lemurs, exotic bird species – many of which are endemic to Madagascar – up-close and personal.

The waters around the Masoala Peninsula are ideal for kayaking and the spot is becoming more established. Some of the smaller archipelagos near Nosy Be are also great locations for kayaking.

River trips along Manambolo (3 – 5 days) and Tsiribihinia River (3 – 4 days) are popular between May to November. Tsiribihinia is an easier trip and can be done independently from the town Miandrivaso. Manambolo, the most spectacular of the two, requires planning.

A popular way to reach Tsingy de Bemaraha is by taking the river trip from Miandrivaso westwards to Belo Sur Tsiribihinia.

While in the Bemaraha area, those who enjoy canoe adventure excursions can tackle a section of the Manambolo River, which boasts spectacular gorges and overhangs. Enjoy being surrounded by bird species, bat colonies and the endemic flora and fauna – and there is a possibility of viewing the Sakalava burial sites. Miandrivaso, one of Madagascar’s hottest places, is the starting point for an alternative river trip to the west coast ends at the small and remote town of Belo Sur Tsiribihinia.

Enough food must be taken along on the journey from Miandrivaso. The river twists past spectacular scenery, including deciduous forests that are home to a wide variety of animals and plants such as lemurs, birds and reptiles and endemic flora.

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