Diving and Snorkelling in Madagascar

Madagascar reefs and underwater world are renowned for divers of all experience levels. You will see multi-coloured fish with exotic names and discover a fairyland teeming with shellfish and corals. Divers can look forward to a rich undersea world for much enjoyment! Moreover, Madagascar is a relatively unexplored environment and you are guaranteed to experience an unforgettable array of underwater flora and fauna when diving and snorkelling.

Diving in Madagascar is concentrated around the islands of Nosy Be in the upper north-west, Ile Sainte Marie in the east and Tulear in the south-west. Diving caters for all levels of experience from: Level 1 to Level 3, CMAS and Open Water to Divemaster PADI.

Madagascar also has many diving schools and diving centres. Most of them are open all year round but the best season is from May to January. Extra preference is given to the time between September and November as whale-sharks are more likely to be encountered. These centres are fully-equipped with highly experienced instructors and staff, and have access to boats that are necessary to reach the best dive sites.

Safety is of the utmost importance. Dive centres have boats equipped with GPS, depth finder, VHS radio, oxygen, Scubapro sets and Bauer compressors.

NOTE: Scuba diving equipment is not always available in the full range of sizes and makes, so bringing your own dive gear is a good precaution. There are no hyperbaric (recompression) chambers in Madagascar, so be extra careful when tackling challenging spots.

Diving in Madagascar is not limited to scuba diving. Snorkelling in the shallow reefs yields incredible sights and experiences, especially for inexperienced divers or family groups with young children.

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