Madagascar Holiday Activities

A holiday to Madagascar is one that can offer both an incredibly unique experience in an island paradise, and a wide variety of activities to suit every kind of holidaymaker. Madagascar holiday activities range from visiting local attractions to more adventurous activities that can be included in any of our excellent Madagascar holiday packages!

For those who love the ocean, you’ll be able to make the most of the sparkling, crystal-clear waters around the island – both above and below the surface. Diving and snorkelling in Madagascar offers a unique look into the magical water wildlife that the reefs around the island have to offer. With hundreds of species of tropical fish and rare turtles due to the island’s geographic isolation, you’ll take away more than just a sun-kissed glow when enjoying Madagascar’s diving and snorkelling.

If you prefer to glide on top of the ocean rather than dipping into it – then you can spend time kayaking in Madagascar! Despite the short season for Madagascar kayaking, you’ll be able to take in the spectacular scenery that the region has to offer and discover unexplored areas that are hard to reach due to the lack of roads.

If you’d prefer to keep your feet dry, there is a wide range of activities available to thrill and entice you. With over 250 bird species, bird-watching in Madagascar is a must-do – and is sure to delight ‘twitchers’ from all over the world!

And with up to 1000 whales visiting Madagascar each season, whale-watching in Madagascar is a very special experience that may even result in viewing several hundreds of these graceful giants in Baie d’Antogil at any given time.

    Whale Watching in Madagascar

    Baie d’Antongil and the channel separating Ile Sainte Marie from the mainland are considered among the best whale watching sites and breeding grounds in the region. Each year between July and September, one of nature’s most fascinating migrations can be observed just south of Maroantsetra at Baie d’Antongil. Hundreds of humpback whales (Megaptera Novaeangliae) tummel in ... Read more

    Tailor-Made Travel in Madagascar

    Madagascar is a unique beach and island vacation destination off the African coast and with its ecosystem diversity, cultural richness and natural heritage – it’s the ideal destination for tailor-made travel. One of our experienced travel consultants can customise a private vacation to meet your departure date, time period, group size and budget. You are also welcome ... Read more

    Surfing in Madagascar

    Surfing hasn’t really taken off in Madagascar yet and is undoubtedly one of the best-kept surfing secrets on South Africa’s doorstep, where the window of opportunity is limited to the relatively short stretch of the Indian Ocean between South Africa and Madagascar. Madagascar gets the same swells that feed the breaks of South Africa and ... Read more

    Mountain Biking in Madagascar

    Madagascar is ideal for mountain biking. Given the conditions of the roads in some areas, it may often be just as fast to travel by bicycle as by taxi brousse. Cycling away from the main roads require planning especially when it comes to food and water – so fit your bicycle with as many water ... Read more

    Kitesurfing (Kiteboarding) Madagascar

    Kitesurfing is fast becoming a popular activity in Madagascar because of the perfect climate and sea conditions around the far north, south and south-west, especially during the winter months from May to October. During winter, with temperatures of about 27°C during the day and about 15°C at night. The water, however, is a little warmer with about ... Read more

    Kayaking and Canoeing in Madagascar

    Our Madagascar Barefoot Luxury Kayak Adventure allows you to go kayaking and canoeing to explore the secret spots of Madagascar’s south east archipelago. Kayak through lush mangroves and secluded open lakes of the Sainte Luce Nature Reserve, which runs parallel to the beautiful and tropical beaches found in this region. Kayaking allows you to explore the beauty of ... Read more

    Hiking and Trekking in Madagascar

    Madagascar offers many great hiking and trekking routes – even though it is not a traditionally classic destination. Some great hikes include: the area in and around Parc National de Ranomafana, the Masoalo Peninsula and the Route des Contrebandiers. These involve leeches, mud, stream crossings, slogging through or around rice paddies – especially during the rainy season. Heat is the main challenge ... Read more

    Diving and Snorkelling in Madagascar

    Madagascar reefs and underwater world are renowned for divers of all experience levels. You will see multi-coloured fish with exotic names and discover a fairyland teeming with shellfish and corals. Divers can look forward to a rich undersea world for much enjoyment! Moreover, Madagascar is a relatively unexplored environment and you are guaranteed to experience an unforgettable array of ... Read more

    Bird Watching in Madagascar

    Madagascar is an island that boasts many things – turquoise blue waters, sandy, golden, secluded beaches, as well as, exceptional fauna and flora evolved as the result of millions of years of geographic seclusion. The bird life on this remarkable island is no less bragworthy with over 250 species including many water species. No fewer than ... Read more

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