Madagascar is truly a one of a kind destination, with 80 % of its flora and fauna found absolutely nowhere else. It is the perfect place for anyone looking for something new and special. What about travelling families? Does this unusual destination meet the various requirements to make it family-friendly?

Children can have very specific needs but you’ll be delighted to know that Madagascar is definitely do-able as a family, especially once those kids reach 8 and older. We compiled some tips on the best way to travel through Madagascar as a family, as well as selected some places in the country that are particularly ideal.

We recommend combining some national parks and nature reserves with a bit of sun and sea to keep it fun and interesting. Nosy Be is incredibly family-friendly with a calm ocean and most accommodation options being resort-style, so kids can also splash in the pool or play at the Kid’s club. Ile St Marie is another great beach destination, the island has the added bonus of a Pirate Cemetery – what kid wouldn’t love that? As well as excellent whale watching.

When it comes to the fascinating rock formations of the Tsingy, we recommend that travellers with younger kids choose the Petite Tsingy over the Grande Tsingy. The latter can even be a challenge for adults but the Petite Tsingy has much less climbing or challenging pathways.

Lemur, Madagascar

Any kid (or adult) who has seen the Disney Madagascar film will be absolutely thrilled to spot King Julien (a Ring Tailed Lemur) but will soon discover there’s a whole plethora of lemurs to encounter from tiny Mouse Lemurs to singing Indri. But that’s not all, there are other exciting fauna such as brightly coloured lizards and frogs, fascinating bugs, and brilliant birds. What you won’t find are large predators or venomous snakes, when it comes to wild animals, Madagascar is the most kid-friendly. Many of the National Parks have visitors centres geared toward teaching kids about conservation. Andasibe Mantadia and Ranomafana, in particular, have good ones.

Travelling to Madagascar with a family is easy, as long as you take into consideration their interests and capabilities. We do believe, however, that it is more suitable for teens and pre-teens. Children 8 and under will need some extra attention which may be a challenge.

Little ones may get fussy with the long travel times or bumpy roads but if they’re generally happy campers, if you and your family are heading to one beach resort destination then it’s perfectly fine. So what are you waiting for? Speak to one of our consultants and book that family vacay today.

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