Nosy Be

Madagascar’s top beach destination, Nosy Be, is the country’s largest offshore island. Covering an area of 320 square km, Nosy Be wins points for tranquillity, gorgeous light and turquoise waters and some restaurants serving meals on the sand for guests.

The air is scented with vanilla and ylang-ylang. Like the nearby Comoros islands, it is a production centre for the perfume essence from ylang-ylang trees. Other island products include sugar cane, coffee, vanilla, pepper, saffron and other spices – making the Nosy Be markets rich in treasures and bargains. Nosy Be is all about down-to-earth luxury. It is a relaxed destination where you can spend your days watching the changing hues of sea and sky.

Although it is Madagascar’s most popular resort destination, the tourist industry is nowhere near as developed as, for example, in Mauritius. This lack of bling actually adds charm to Nosy Be. It is very busy during the months of July and August, otherwise it is a serene and quiet place. In addition to its attractive beaches, the island boasts luxuriant foliage, friendly people and a relaxed ambience.

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Nosy Be


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