Andasibe National Park

Add an Andasibe Excursion to your Trip

The Andasibe and Mantadia National Parks (also known as simply the Andasibe Mantadia National Park) are Madagascar’s most popular reserves. Its close location to Antananarivo, makes an excursion the park and excellent add-on for visitors who are spending some time in Tana (perhaps waiting for a connecting flight) and who want to maximise their wildlife experience in Madagascar. With two areas of damp montane forest, the variety of lemurs, birds, reptiles, and invertebrates is astonishing, and the local guides are extraordinarily knowledgeable, making a visit here worth the time spent.

Andasibe National Park is one of the best locations to spot a variety of chameleon species

Andasibe National Park protects the largest lemur species, the Indri indri. For bird-watchers, this is a great place to visit, with special species including the velvet asity, blue coua, and nuthatch vanga.

Mantadia National Park makes a bit more of an exclusive trip, especially as the trails through the park are extremely rugged and only for the brave! The variation in altitude is greater than in Andasibe, and so the number of different species of animals is greater. Two types of lemurs that are fairly easy to see are the golden-coloured diademed sifaka and an indris that is darker than that found in the sister park.

A waterfall and a lake in this park also provide a place to take a refreshing swim in the waters below the waterfall, an experience which is an exciting and unforgettable way to cool down in the hot sun.

Beautiful view of the river in Andasibe National Park

A unique way to experience this popular park is on a night walk. Once the sun sets, a whole new world comes alive and even though the park is closed in the evening, you can still enjoy a guided walk along the perimeter on the main road. There’s hardly any traffic so a balmy night walk along Andasibe National Park is a wonderful opportunity to experience a different kind of nightlife, this experience is offered on our 1000 Views of Madagascar and Andasibe Reserve Packages.

We are also offering another new way to explore the stunning landscape of Madagascar, by bicycle! Cycle around the Andasibe region and experience the countryside on 2 wheels. This adventurous package is a great add-on to one of our numerous Madagascar packages in the same regions such as the Andasibe Reserve Package, The Beach and Lemur Package, and 1000 Views of Madagascar.

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