Tsingy Nature Reserve

Tsingy Nature Reserve

The Tsingy Nature Reserve actually comprises of two parks – Petit Tsingy and Grand Tsingy. So far, 53 bird, 8 reptile and 6 lemur species have been recorded in the reserve. The highlight is the limestone pinnacles, known as tsingy, towering hundreds of meters into the sky. Bridges and walkways allow visitors to navigate on top of smaller tsingy – but climbing equipment is needed for the larger pinnacles.

Organised trips into the Tsingy may include a spectacular canoe trip down the Manambolo River or an interesting day trip to the limestone formations as part of a Madagascar vacation package.

In the south of Petit Tsingy is the spectacular Manambolo Gorge where you can see waterfalls, lemurs and magnificent untouched forests. Wherever you go in the Tsingy area you are guaranteed to be amazed by the unique beauty that this area holds.


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