Experience Madagascar’s Annular Solar Eclipse

Experience Madagascar’s Annular Solar Eclipse

The 1st of September 2016 marks the date of one of the great natural marvels in our solar system. It’s the 2016 Annular Madagascar solar eclipse.

So, what is the annular eclipse? And what makes it so special?

Eclipse - Stròlic Furlàn - Davide Gabino_Flickr

In layman’s terms, an eclipse is the shift of the moon in front of the sun. Doesn’t sound like much on paper, but to witness the Earth’s only source of light vanish behind the moon, throwing the sky into an eerie twilight is truly something else. The total phase of the eclipse is a mere moment, lasting nothing more than a couple of minutes. But it is an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

But the annular eclipse is far more exclusive and more visually spectacular. The annular (meaning “ring shaped”) eclipse is the moon eclipsing the sun at its furthest point in orbit from the earth. The result is a “smaller” moon that fails to completely conceal the sun. Due to the moon’s distance from the earth, the annular eclipse is only visible from a select few locations.

For those lucky few – who do get to experience this phenomenon – it is truly something to behold.  As the moon moves in front of the sun, spectators bear witness to the daunting Ring of Fire that occupies the sky for a brief instance like something out of a sci-fi novel.


For those looking to enjoy this breath taking experience, why not combine it with the beauty of Madagascar? Madagascar is one of the few locations where one can witness this extraordinary Ring of Fire. With its own wealth of awe-inspiring vistas, fauna and flora, it is the ultimate September 2016 travel destination.  Madagascar’s month of September will give you sprawling landscapes, enthralling vistas, bizarre and beautiful animals and of course the marvels of the cosmos.

All of this can be enjoyed in the lap of luxury on the Madagascar Solar Eclipse Tour. Guests on the tour will be able to experience the nature and beauty of the land and wildlife in destinations such as Andasibe, Lemur Island and the Exotic Park in Marozevo. They will also have the opportunity to visit the Ambohimanga Royal Palace to learn about some of Madagascar’s rich history and the dry forest of Ankarafantsika National Park on the way to the prime location of Majunga for Madagascar’s Ring of Fire.

To find out more about the Madagascar Solar Eclipse Tour, email us at info@jenmansafaris.com.

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