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June 2018
Climate change is wiping out the baobab, Africas “tree of life”
Fostering leadership skills among young women in Madagascar
Madagascar receives $40m from World Bank to improve electricity sector

May 2018
In Madagascar, fishermen plant mangroves for the future
Madagascar President Lifts Restrictions on Opposition Candidates
Over 10 000 endangered tortoises are rescued in Madagascar
Rainbow Chameleons Display True Colors When Courting

April 2018
Ethiopian Airlines launches three new flights to DRC and Madagascar
Scientists Discover New Ocean Current Off Madagascar
Researchers Discover Three New, Highly Threatened Chameleon Species in Madagascar

February 2018
Ethiopian Airlines launches new Madagascar flight
Best Trips 2018
Madagascar financial inclusion project aided by World Bank
Banham Zoo helps rare blue-eyed black lemurs

January 2018
Major upgrades for Madagascar airports.
The most exotic destinations in Africa
Travel Tip: Cruise lines expand to more ports around the world

December 2017
Travel Black Book: Nature’s Best Kept Secret
CITES Rejects Madagascar’s Bid to sell Rosewood and Ebony Stockpiles
Seychelles Resumes Flights to Madagascar 
Port de Sète: Fruit terminal gets going thanks to lychees from Madagascar
Energy diversification in Madagascar

November 2017
Madagascar Makes List of Top 12 Fastest-Growing Tourist Spots
Giant Frog That Could Have Eaten Dinosaurs Discovered in Madagascar
Madagascar hopes to boost economic growth through agricultural transformation
USTDA grants mini grid projects in Madagascar
Eager bakers may face a cake crisis as vanilla supply evaporates
Madagascar on List of Most Joyful Destinations of 2017

October 2017
Madagascar Plague Updates
Air Austral signs agreement to take 49% of Air Madagascar
No travel restrictions to Madagascar following plague outbreak
Siemens signs MoU agreement with Madagascar to increase country’s power
Air Seychelles suspends Madagascar flights
Meet Madagascar’s oldest animal lineage, a whirligig beetle with 206-million-year-old origins

August 2017
Project Runway – Madagascar airports in major revamp
The incredible fish-scaled geckos of Madagascar that tear off their own SKIN as a defense mechanism
Madagascar’s radiated tortoises have personalities, too

July 2017
Ancient giant ‘ghost’ crocodile with t-rex-sized teeth discovered in Madagascar
Hard to Reach, Impossible to Leave: A Remote Getaway in Madagascar

June 2017
Experience the Best of Madagascar at This New Luxury Resort
Enviro Monday: Madagascar’s unique plants and animals edging towards extinction

May 2017
Time is running out for Madagascar – evolution’s last, and greatest, laboratory

April 2017
Air Madagascar, Air Austral sign strategic partnership MOU
Ethiopian Started Flying to MadagascarTop 5 Dive Sites In Madagascar
Investing in Madagascar’s future through grassroots lemur conservation
Madagascar cyclone deaths rise to 78, at least 400 000 affected

February 2017
New species of dwarf lemur discovered in Madagascar
Madagascar tourism numbers up 20 percent y/y -ministry
Humpback Whales Habitats Discovered Near Madagascar
Meet the euplerids, the strange carnivores of Madagascar

October 2016
Fady & Famidihana: Understanding Madagascar’s Culture
Madagascar opens up National Parks in bid to boost eco-tourism
Night Diving in Madagascar

September 2016
Destination Madagascar -‘like nowhere else’
Madagascar’s capital is a strange brew of quirkiness
A week of adventure in Madagascar

August 2016
There is a whale longer than any orca, and we missed it
If you’re looking for freedom, Madagascar it is
Air Seychelles and Air Madagascar boost partnership through expanded codeshare agreement

July 2016
Overcoming the challenges of selling Africa
The African Union’s E-Passport Can Make Intra-African Travel & Trade Easier Than Ever Before
Air Madagascar removed from EU blacklist

June 2016
Visiting the Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar
Signs of Madagascar’s first settlers
Ancient Crops Reveal Madagascar Colonization
Air Mauritius considering partnering Air Madagascar

May 2016
Three new species of mouse lemur discovered in Madagascar
Male spider in Madagascar performs oral sex
Madagascar’s Emerald Sea
Scientists Find Baby Long-Necked Dinosaur in Madagascar

April 2016
Madagascar – Dream Island at the end of the world
Flights between Johannesburg and Nosy Be
Ten lessons from travelling in Africa



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